Protecting Your Right To Ride

Group Ride And Bike Race Liabilities

Group Ride And Bike Race Liabilities

We’ve all signed those waivers that hold the event organizers blameless for injury and even death.

I joke with the wifey that I have to sign a “death waiver” to participate in my sport.

The time may come when you want to put on your event. Are you opening you or your organization up for liability?

Note: This article is not meant to look like legal advice or serve as legal advice. The accuracy of this article is not guaranteed.

Event Insurance

Most coordinators choose to take on liability insurance. This can help you cover yourself against claims by the riders, and, in some cases may also protect the premises that you are renting.

Because of this, some of the event places you work with will require you to have insurance.

Keep in mind that if you are serving liquor, there may be added riders that need to be worked into your insurance. Speak with your insurance provider to sort that out.

Rider Liability

When riders show up on a group ride, they are implicitly agreeing to the risks of their sport. They couldn’t sue you for an accident that occurred on their bike ride, and, in many cases that same type or protection tends to extend to casual club rides.

However, some groups require waivers to be signed, and, just as with the even waivers, you will want to work with an attorney to create an acceptable one.

Racing events have more risks because the course is predefined and riders are pushing as hard as they can. Because of that, some riders only race sanctioned events where insurance is provided by the sanctioning body.

However, avid cyclists would do well to pick up some specific coverage, especially if they tend to travel to events outside of their primary insurance company.

Out-of-network health expenses can add up quickly, and specific coverage that the rider purchases for themselves are the best way to mitigate risks. Encouraging your riders to invest in a private policy may be something that you can encourage them to do.

Automobile Insurance Coverage

Finally, as a cyclist, it makes sense to have underinsured motorist (UM) coverage on your auto insurance plan.

If you are in an accident on your bicycle and the driver of the automobile leaves the scene or does not have adequate coverage, your UM coverage can, in some cases help cover your expenses related to the bike crash.

In these scenarios, it is similar to having an accident while driving a rental car, your coverage extends to the vehicle you are driving, in this case, your bike.

As always, our recommendation is to speak with your attorneys and insurance providers to make sure you are properly covered.

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