Protecting Your Right To Ride

Cyclist Cited For Riding Abreast. Ticket Overturned

Cyclist Cited For Riding Abreast. Ticket Overturned

I ran across this insightful video of an officer losing his cool with cyclists who were impeding traffic. What really irked the officer is that the cyclists waved the officer forward. Clearly, this officer has an issue being told what to do and so he decided to over-exert his power.


The cyclists could have gotten over sooner as they are clearly riding in a heavily residential area. However, they did move over promptly when traffic approached them, they did not impede traffic, and, according to the video’s description, this ticket was successfully defended in court.


Unfortunately, the cyclist had to invest a few hundred dollars defending themselves against this officer who had an axe to grind (and clearly needed new happy pills. I thought he was gonna shoot somebody).


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