Protecting Your Right To Ride

Bike Lanes by Casey Neistat

Bike Lanes by Casey Neistat

No self-respecting Bicycle Advocacy blog would be complete without a nod to Casey Neistat’s “Bike Lanes” video that draw attention to the hazards that bike commuters face on a daily basis.

Cyclists have to be defensive, and often the laws are not in our favor. We have to cautiously break those laws in order to stay alive and unharmed.

So the question might be whether cyclists need a separate set of freedoms and how we can get those freedoms without creating animosity and worsening the bike/vehicle relationships.

In the meantime, we operate in this gray area where we occasionally get ticketed for things that are not our fault.

Of course, this also highlights how our justice system mostly imposes a regressive tax on our society in that those without cars are the ones most likely to be ticketed for innocent behavior.

So watch “Bike Lanes”. Show it to your friends. Laugh. And then start a discussion on how we can make cycling more fair for all.

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